Wellness Check

Every pet is different, and every family is different, therefore each pet will be treated as an individual. I will discuss what your pet’s risks are and be sure to care for them and their unique needs.

  • Examinations with vaccines* $55/ $45 for puppy/kitten visits (monthly until completed)

  • Vaccinations $25-$40 depending on protection needed, puppy/kitten are discounted.

  • 4Dx (Lyme, HW etc.) $52

  • Wellness Bloodwork + 4Dx $78 (STRONGLY ENCOURAGED)

  • Fecal Exam for parasites $29, $38

  • Nail Trim/Anal Glands $10 and up

  • Blood Pressure $35

  • Heartworm Prevention $35 and up depending on weight (including Proheart12, a preventative that is given by injection annually)

* No vaccinations will be given without an examination

** Prices are subject to change at any time