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When it's time to say goodbye...
in home euthanasia provided.

It is my belief that the easiest way for your special friend to say his or her final goodbye is at home, surrounded by the people they love in their familiar and comforting environment, and where their other furry pack members can have a chance to say their goodbyes as well.

Please contact us for a consult if you are considering in-home euthanasia for your special friend. -We will conduct a quick quality of life discussion and go over all in-home options and aftercare. CONTACT US and we will ease the transition for your pet as best we can.

  • Euthanasia for current clients or clients after a quality-of-life exam is performed $330

  • Euthanasia for new clients with no quality-of-life exam performed $400, could vary based on coverage area and weight/ size of patient.

  • Aftercare offered with Forever Above:  please call for information

    • Group Cremation: No ashes are returned; however, a clay paw print is included. Starts at $120 and may have additional charges depending on weight of the animal.

    • Private Cremation: Ashes are returned as well as a fur clipping, clay paw print, paw print in ink, certificate of passing, and urn. Price starts at $200 and goes up based on size of pet as well as type of urn picked. Buddies by Thumbies: A digitalized nose print and paw print are included to allow making of future memorabilia easy.

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