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Let us come to you!

Skip the stress for you and your pet and schedule an at-home visit with Cor-Vet today.


Cor-Vet opened in April of 2021 with the idea to bring Veterinary Care to your home. We pride ourselves in personalized care specialized for your pet. At-home veterinary care is perfect for multi-pet households (especially those with cats), large dogs, dogs with difficulty getting into a car, pet owners with mobility issues, or just for pets needing custom, specialized care.


Cor-Vet offers full preventative care and wellness visits, sick visits, including on-going disease management, as well as in-home hospice and euthanasia care. We partner with Log Cabin Animal Hospital to offer more extensive diagnostics and surgeries, such as radiographs, dentals, and other procedures needing sedatives. Mobile services are primarily on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while in-house diagnostics and surgeries are offered at Log Cabin Animal Hospital on Mondays and Wednesdays. In-home hospice and euthanasia services can potentially be scheduled outside of these times when discussed in advance. 

Some of Our Wonderful Patients

Our Partners


Partner Practice - Log Cabin

We use Log Cabin Animal Hospital when procedures  need to be done under general anesthesia.



Vet Source is our partnered Pharmacy and pet supplies partner. Click above to visit.


Purina Pro Plan


Emergency - VCA

We do not currently provide emergency care, but we recommend Advanced Veterinary Care Center.


Emergency - MedVet

Another emergency partner that we recommend is  MEDVET.



Medical Insurance for the life of your pet.

What Our Clients Say

"Wonderful Experience"

I had such a wonderful experience with Dr Corbin and Jennifer this afternoon. Our elderly cats do not travel in carriers well and the stress of taking them to our primary vet is too much. Our Jack was totally at ease with Dr. Corbin and crawled into her lap for the entire appointment. She took her time weighing out pros and cons with me and helping me decide the best choices for our 18 year old boy. Thank you so much for the terrific and much needed service!

"Thank You Both"

Dr. Corbin and Jennifer were able to take care our girl, Libby the same day. They made her transition to the other side very peaceful and comfortable. Thank you both for helping our girl.

Lacey Dudley

"Thankful for Dr. Corbin"

"Thank goodness for Dr. Corbin... Having to say goodbye to our sweet fur baby was difficult to say the least. Having her put down in our home, where she was comfortable, calm, and surrounded by her family, was the best possible scenario I could imagine. I was able to hold my girl and take all of the time I needed with her. The whole processes was very peaceful, which was much needed on such a hard day."

Megan Yeagy

Lindsey Salley

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